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The reality behind the novel "BULGARIAN FRAUD" : the interview.

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"…What started as the malicious deception of an Israeli journalist by his so called 'friend' in Bulgaria that promised him the world on a platter…while his money disappears without a trace…turns out to be not just one of the many usual fraud felonies in Bulgaria, but just the opening act of a diabolical scheme of shady factors against the Bulgarian Republic, as well as against the state of Israel…"


Summary of the story

Bulgaria is under a threat.
A group of dangerous conspirators foreign and Bulgarians plot to destroy the hard work of generations of Bulgarians and make a free country to a province of slaves for a grasping foreign power.
The group of dangerous super terrorists includes Bulgarians business men and women 'Russian politicians and spies. and a cyber terror expert a Israeli lecturer in Bulgarian university 
their wish?
The fall of Bulgaria !
Will they success in the Demonic conspiracy ?
Only small group of Bulgarian and Israeli agents can stop the terrible conspiracy. 
But everything and every body is against them!
See the full story in the forth coming graphic novel:
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See chapters from the prose  novel  on which the Graphic noves is based


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Lately, I've been working on this suspense and espionage novel – the plot is based on various real events and on current ones taking place at the moment in Russia and in East Europe and their implications, in all that concerns    Israel.

The book will briefly describe a Russian conspiracy to takeover Bulgaria and Israel by using collaborators in both countries and by a particulary ingenious form of a cyber war which is exposed (or isn't/ you'll have to read the book in order to find out) to the world by an Israeli journalist.

The Novel will feature real characters, such as Vladimir Putin, Russia's President or the head of Bulgaria's Security Service (NRS/NIS) and others (assuming, of course, that these people will stay in power until I finish writing the novel, otherwise I may definitely update it, in accordance with the latest relevant political developments).


The book will be sold via an electronic online version and translated into English, French, Bulgarian, Hungarian and Romanian.

A certain party had already expressed interest in turning this story into a film, but just how far ahead we'll progress with plan this is yet uncertain.


This way it could reach a lot more people and especially young people. As we all know, in Israel there are very few comic books that deal with things like espionage, suspense and politics, so in that sense this is going to be a groundbreaking event. Unfortunately, there are also very few comics illustrators with visual drawing capabilities that would be in accord with this specific kind of story.

One of the best and most eminent illustration artists is talented Vladik Sandler, with whom I've already cooperated in the past when he illustrated the stories in the book I've written for Uri Fink: “The Golem: The story of Israeli comics”. Since then he's illustrated some impressive stories, particularly “Halabja – the final battle”, which describes the chemical assault of Saddam Hussein's forces upon the Kurds.


Vladik has already responded to my request and illustrated a charming poster describing the characters and giving us some sort of impression of what to expect in the novel.

However for all this we need money.

please send it to:


Vessislava Tancheva .

Menanwile the chapters in English had provoked the interest of Vessislava Tancheva .  Bulgarian journalist. an expert to politics and to  Israelies in Bulgaria.


She had wrote to me :

  • In a way, you became famous in Bulgaria or at least among Israeli citizens here and their friends and partners. Actually, I’ve heard certain people from a specific service talking about your case.
  • Our website NO COMMENT is competatively new. We started it in August last year. It's an online tabloid – news, culture, lifestyle some gossips smile emoticon

We have good audience – 18-34 yo are the majority but 34-54 yo are also a lot – 27% of all…

Some 35000- 50000 impressions a day

An interview will reach some 2000 up to 20 000 , depends if the readers will find it interesting.

Vessislava Tancheva

  1. Why have you chosen Bulgaria for the book you are writing? Why not any other East European country where you can find similar stories?

  ELI :

בולגריה קרל מאי 0

I Had interest in Bulgaria since childhood .specifically since I had read a book by well-known German adventure writer Karl May About the Adventures of his hero “Kara Ben Nemsi “in Bulgaria. In English the book is called The Secret Brotherhood


בולגריה בר זוהר אנגלית 2


After that I had read several books about how the Bulgarians and their king had saved the whole of Bulgaria Jewry from the Nazis at the time of the Second World War and becomes very interested in the country.


Unfortunately not much is known beyond that in Israel about Bulgarian literature and culture. The big community of Bulgarian Jews which had immigrated to Israel had never produced “any” translation of a Bulgarian novel.                                     ‘Though there are translations of Bulgarian poems.

You can count on the fingers of one hand the number of Bulgarians books translated to Hebrew


historian kostava 4

The all-time best-known book About Bulgaria in Israel (at least best known to me) is the historian by American writer Elizabeth Kostova   about the Vampire Dracula in modern  Bulgaria and the  Ancient war between Bulgarians and Turks.. A book about which I had written an article. That book is quite well known. If you will say “Bulgaria “to the regular fantasy fan in Israel “he will think about the “Historian” and his portrait of Bulgaria . . .

There are maybe two or at most three other Bulgarian novels translated to Hebrew.One of them is by a Bulgarian writer living in the U.S.A


בולגריה אילני המזימה הרומנית

However, in the last few years there is a popular children fantasy series by Israeli writer Eldad Ilani which is set in medieval Bulgaria. Up to now, there are six books in this series .and if you will ask the regular boy in the  Israeli street what he knows about Bulgaria he will probably will know about the medieval fantastic Bulgaria kingdom of that series.


 Vessislava Tancheva

  1. \What connects you to Bulgaria – relatives, friends or any other relations in the country?



A person who lives in Bulgaria  called Amit Steinhart who is a lecturer  there and a VP for research and chief intelligence analyst of a company        called CCI – Competitive Corporate Intelligence

Had brought me to a visit to business trip  Bulgaria to the city of Varna and I was very interest.though Not in the casinos of Varna like many Israelis unfortunately.

I myself had visited the Varna museum and become interested in the Ancient prehistoric culture, which was in Varna before destroyed by ancient Delug which had created the Black sea.

I Had read there the poem of The American poet William Meredith Penned when he visited the Archaeological Museum in Varna in response to a display of Thracian funereal masks:

It is moving, that the eyes are still questioning

And no sadder than they are, time being what it is –

As though they saw nothing tragic in the faces

Looking down through glass into theirs.

Only clay and gold, they seem to say,

passing through one condition to the next.”

(From "Two Masks Unearthed in Bulgaria")



I have friends in Bulgaria .I  am a Mason and there are many mason friends in Bulgaria.There are several mason organizations in Bulgaria and I belong to one of them

bulgaria masonsbonim israel


.They  have many important connections in Israel and in particularly with my lodge in Jaffa near the city of Tel Aviv which is something of a holly place for Masons worldwide.there is actually much more to tell about is but at the moment it is something of a Mason secret.



  1. What is your opinion about security services in Bulgaria? What do you think – what kind of influence over the Bulgarian society, business and daily life they have?

I had read a great deal about the security organization in Bulgaria and also heard a great deal not necceraly of secret nature  from people who know about those organizations because connected to them which are in my circle of friends .My opinion from what I had read and heard that Bulgaria is of course of second hand : at the time of the Communist rule  the Bulgarian services Were very effective in guarding the government ‘but also very corrupt.

Todey from what  I heard and read they are suffering from great deal of corruption and are subject to attacks of organised crime which today  are more technologically   sophisticated then they ever were and it is not clear that the Bulgarian security services are keeping pace with them.

I can tell you that today there are close connections between Israeli secret service and the Bulgarian against a common enemies which threatens us both the Islamic terror organization such Isis .

But also against the Turks which Under the Arduan government which wish to return   to the glory days of the Ottoman Sultan may become a threat to both of us Israel and Bulgaria sooner then you think

.Are there any real facts from your autobiography or another’s real person biography, implemented in the story you write?


Like any writer I bring to the story some facts from my real life.In   this case I cannot speak about those facts behind the story both  because of legal reasons and because of the nature of the world of the secret organisations which prefers that what one knows he keeps to himself,,

or….(and there are many such cases ) write a fictional work in which the reader is the one to decide what is  truth as the writer is unable for reasons of secrecy to actually tell  or spell it out for  him.

Vessislava Tancheva

You are using real names, addresses and facts about Bulgarian security services. Are there any other real personages you describe in the story?


There are in the complete story actual persons which will appear as themselves like the president of Russia Putin.

אורן חזן 1

There are other characters which are based on characters which are quite real but to not exactly the same. like a character which is based on a Israeli parliament member Oren Hazan. A person who was manager of Cazino in Bulgaria and after he had leaved there was charged by former friends that he had betrayed then and  taken their money for his own business.He had lost in a trial about those charges. He is today a parliament member  and consider by the Bulgarian embassy according to a statement of theirs as "persona non grata" un wanted person in their events and Bulgaria . A person based on him  appear in the story..But it is a fictional character.

Unfortunately he is not the only one .There are other such Israelis in Bulgaria with the same story of betrayal of their “friends”. Which is why the Israeli community of Bulgaria don’t have a very good name in Israel. Those stories are remembered. And for a long time.

The story as himself however is fiction from the writer imagination.

Vessislava Tancheva

Why the story of your novel happens in Varna? Why not Sofia, as it is usually the palace where such stories could take place?


Varna is the actually place in which I visited Bulgaria. in the one and only time was there I  hadent yet visited Sophia except in my imagination.However Sophia  will appear in the story in a dramatic scene in which the whole of the  computer system of the city  stopping as a result of the work of the story villains  a group op of local and foreign  agents which works for the Russians and their  as a  result of the  loss of confidence of the Bulgarians public in the current government their   intention is to replace the democratic government of Bulgaria in another one

Their motto will be in the story :BULGARIA IS NOT FOREVER!!

bulgarian cover prime minister with words

;.The scene will describe the terrible chaos both Sophia and Varna as a result which will bring the death of many peoples. The destruction of familiar places in Sophia which are monitored by computers and by the web and which will actually destroyed because of the distruptions.it will shows how much Bulgaria like  the rest of the developed the world is dependent on the web and so easily can be disrupted by a small group of evil people guided by  foreign interest.

This by the way is quite possible and not at all out of this world imaginary. I can tell you from personal knowledge that exactly this thing indeed worries the security services in Israel and in Bulgaria.In this, I invents nothing.

Vessislava Tancheva

What do you think about the role of Israel in the political and economic life in Bulgaria?


In contrast to the role of Israel with the secret services of Bulgaria in which I knows something as I interest in it I cannot claim to be expert  the political and economics relations of Israel and Bulgaria.

I can tell you from my masonic connections generally and without giving details which are quite secret (sorry).  That there are many such connections more then the public realize and in fact they will become stronger in the near future.

Why? because both countries are in a similar geopolitics situation .Israel and Bulgaria are bot small countries near Islamic hostile superpowers. In addition, in Israel there is a big community of Bulgarian decent Jews .this is saying the connections between the two countries are going to becomes stronger in entwined and this is not fiction

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